About us
Preservation of the global environment is of the utmost importance for human beings.

As a basic concept of commercial activity,Niigata Power Systems has been coming to grips with the supply of products and services that are not only economical,but also will play a major role in controlling the exhaust of "greenhouse gasses" and pollutants.

As a part of the IHI family, Niigata Power Systems bears the important role of supplying power systems while meeting a diverse range of customer needs.

We are an organization consisting of experts delivering superior products
and services that provide satisfaction from both the perspectives of environmental preservation and economy,establishing a worldwide reputation for reliability with no anxiety for the NIIGATA brand.

The history of industrial prime movers in Japan is the history of the NIIGATA brand, respected and supported by our customers.

Our guarantee to the customers who back us up is that the "reliable and secure" NIIGATA brand will continue to create products that are safe and environment-friendly.

Niigata Power Systems provides products and services that encompass the total life cycle and can be used with complete piece of mind. The efforts and total devotion of each and every employee are what guarantee this to be so.


President  Koji YAHAGI