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Application of Z-Peller

Multi application along with high class efficient propeller

Z-Peller assures high grade performance and supports the operation of various kinds of vessels, for which sailing, handling, steeling with excellent maneuverability to be realized.  

tug boats

passenger vessels

offshore vessels

special vessels

Single Responsibility

Technology configurative one brand propulsion package

Total solution is secured under complete NIIGATA’s technology for providing Single Responsibility on the propulsion package. NIIGATA has its own positive design logic for producing prime movers as the best match with Z-Peller propulsion unit for achieving high level performance. It is most effective advantage for which NIIGATA is in a position to provide solo NIIGATA’s brand integrated propulsion package.

  Applicable ship
Tugboat  AHT PSV

Z-Peller Package

Consolidated complete propulsion package

Total complete propulsion package is consisting single NIIGATA brand machineries based on innovative design to meet much higher standards which asking optimum performance as well as minimum investment in the same time. NIIGATA is in a position to provide total solution at propulsion package.



Research and Development
Ongoing Research and Development for Z-Peller will be given continuously in order to improve optimum its performance. The results of various tests and analysis generate the best solution at the design for propulsion and maneuvering system.


Principally auxiliary equipment to be set at Z-Peller installation bed thus it does not require out fitting connection at hull.

Excellent high performance (Bollard Pull)
1: Gear case position is considered and set Kort Nozzle having effective distance.
2: Suitable propeller position.

Z-Peller generates powerfull thrust and excellent efficency by best strut shape and also suitable distance between strut and nozzle.

Option is available at large capacity Z-Peller for performing much greater thrust power applying specially designed kort nozzle.

Idle slipping clutch

• Idle slipping device includes as standard application.

• Shaft bra ke assistsautomatically at slow speed operation.

• Simple structure

• All pumps are driving through power take off system of main engine.
Slipping control can be done only when main engine is at idling.

Dual Modulation Clutch

Dual moderation clutch system are fully acceptable to apply for fire fighting pump and shaft generator with fixed pitch propeller type Niigata Z-Peller instead of controllable pitch propeller.
Slipping control can be done when main engine is at rated spped constant.

Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)

Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP) are adopted with multiple function ships and sophisticated requirements such as those used for towing, dredging and trawling as well as free sailing.
CPP also make it possible to apply shaft driven generators and fire fighting pumps and also provide for increased automation in the operating of the ships.


Total security provides throughout complete propulsion package

Single propulsion package of NIIGATA brand includes integrated control system supports unconditional security at variety ship operational fields. Friendly maintenance philosophy is considered at the design of Z-Peller. Main machineries consisting propulsion package are developed principally how to make sure high level performance of driving Z-Peller.

Main Engine

Niigata is ensuring reliability by way of producing Medium Speed Main Engine as much durable machinery which integrated complete propulsion system with Z-Peller. Pulse system turbochargers create significant response to be given a pair of main engines which are rotating same direction aiming totally common components for saving maintenance cost.
Main Engine

PTO(power take off)
Fire fighting system & Shaft generating system
Fire fighting system and Shaft generating system are available through power – take - off at Main Engine front end as providing the best solution at variety of ship applications. Niigata’s brand Dual Modulation Clutch is ensuring reliable operation under power package of PTO at Main Engine front end and driving Z-Peller via Main Engine out put.

Remote Control System

Integrated complete Niigata control system is ensuring fine handling for ship. Own design several types of steering handles consolidated into the control system make sure the best matching with all rounding requirement of steeling vessels. Link-up system is possible to connect additional high rate of performance external Auto Pilot System, Dynamic Positioning System, etc.
Remote Control System

Easy Installation  
• Z-Peller is suitable for any mounting.
• Simple and effective lube oil system.

• Auxiliaries ready for mounting on the thruster
• Compact closed loop hydraulic steering system.
Bottom well type Under mounting type Bottom mounting type
Bottom well type Under mounting type Bottom mounting type

Ecology Style

Advance ship concepts

In compliance with surrounding high standards of environmental control, NIIGATA supports the program as a leading company for producing diesel engines to be fit on ecology style future ships, and NIIGATA’s new challenges are sure to contribute to these Eco ships. Highlighting electric drive module, NIIGATA provides best solution as a leading propulsion packager at several kinds of ship under the unique technology for complete integrated system of propulsion package.

Diesel Electric
Modern power package integrated propulsion system shall take account of efficiency at saving energy which equal meaning for environmental control eventually. Diesel Electric driven Z-Peller is really one of solution as the symbol for future aspects of modernized power package. Motor driven Z-Peller application is available to be given satisfaction at any operator.

Eco tug
Niigata always developing and searching the best economical Tug (Eco Tug) not only IMO NOx regulation but also life cycle cost by co^operated with customers. Present ideas are Electric driven and / or Hybrid type propulsion systems and latest designed Engines.


Oil Skimmer
In order to make sure sensitive ship handling, Z-Peller is supporting the operation of Oil Skimmer boat. Significant operation under oil skimming, motor driven twin Z-Peller is the best solution for running at full throttle, positioning, and dead slow speed operation, etc. Advantage at operational stage of special purpose working could be given by Diesel Electric driven Z-Peller.

Contra - Rotating Propulsion
A first order has been placed for supply the twisted rudder/ bulb and hubcap combination promising significant fuel saving at this innovative vessel for which assignment is for high level environmental control as the ultimate target. Unique design Z-Peller is driven by Niigata prime movers as generating sets and also total integrated power / propulsion package supplied by Niigata.
Contra-Rotating Propulsion

Specifications Z-Peller Propulsion Packages

Z-Peller FPP Series

Main Propulsion Engines

Z-peller CPP Series

Main Propulsion Engines

Note: Z-peller FPP Series & Z-peller CPP Series
 * Type of propeller : 4 balade Fixed/Controllable pitch skewed kaplan type with kort nozzle.
 * Steering system : Main engine driven P.T.O. driven and/or Electric motor driven.
 * Maximum. continious input is shown as per one unit base.
 * Bollrad pull is shown as per two units base,based on bollard pitch.
 * All dry weight shows the built-in clutch type except *1 mark model.
 * Due to continuous development, some data may change.
 * Consult yor Niigata representative for furtur detail.

Note:Main Propulsion Engines
 * Main engine continous ratings show the matching with each Z-peller Max. continuous input power.
 * Maximum. Continious rating is applied for Marine diesel oil (A oil, ISO8217) or gai oil.
 * Due to continious development, some data may change.
 * Consult yor Niigata representative for furtur detail.